6 Mistakes That New Vapers All Have Done


Chain vaping and puff forcefully

Results: dry hit (burnt coil/burnt taste) / nicotine overdose

Most new vapers are ex-smokers. They have been used to taking many short hits as they used to light the cigarette one after another.

Basically, chain vaping means you take puffs consistently.

It is OK for smoking, but not for vaping.

Because the wick in the coil is likely to be burnt if it is heating intensively.

The pause between two hits can allow the e-juice to re-saturate the wick.  

So if you have made this mistake, your coil lifespan must have been shortened greatly.

The burnt taste may appear and vaping experience is unpleasant as well.

On the other hand, you may overdose the nicotine by vaping with nicotine e-juice in the chain.

Puffing forcefully is also a bad habit for vaping, which some ex-smokers tend to do.

Taking hits forcefully can burn the coil easily.

The e-juice in the cotton can be vaporized quickly and the cotton might be fired.

As a result, the coil can be damaged by dry hitting.

The wrong e-juice

Results: nicotine overdose, ‘gunked’ coils

Numerous types of e-juices are available.

Newbies have no idea which one to choose.

First, you need to know PG and VG are base liquids, flavouring and nicotine are also the ingredients of e-liquid.

The sweet e-juices like dessert flavour can gunk up the coil easily due to sweetener.

In addition, high VG e-liquid is thicker than high PG, which may gunk up the coil quickly.

So you have to change the coil or maintain the vape devices regularly if you are using thicker and sweeter e-juices.

Nicotine is another factor.

If you are using a sub-ohm tank, you’d better choose lower nicotine e-juice, or you may overdose nicotine

Lay down the vape

Result: tank leakage

If your tank is under 50% full and placed horizontally, the dry hit may happen when you take a puff.

This is because the cotton may not be soaked if the e-juice is below half.

It is a good habit for vapers to top up their tank all the time.

On the other hand, the tank leakage often happens when the tank is in the horizontal position, such as in the pocket or bag.

The e-juice may leak through the airflow and the unwanted gap between O-ring and based ware.

Place vapes anywhere

Results: tank leaking/battery safety/children

Although vapes are normally safe, it comes along with batteries and users should pay attention to any device which has a battery.

Typically, you should not place the device under extreme conditions, like high temperatures or freezing places.

The straight sunlight, stove or candles are extremely dangerous for vapes.

If you live with kids, you’d better place the vapes where children are out of reach.

There is a fire button or wattage adjustment button on the vape device, which is quite dangerous for children to touch.

What’s more, some vapes may not have children lock, which tank can be opened by kids easily.

You can choose the vapes with child locks, many trustworthy vape brands ( Aspire) design products with children proof.

Please keep your eLiquids out of the reach of children

Never clean the tank

Results: weird taste/gunk up the coil

You change a new coil but find it doesn’t work after a few days?

Except for chain vaping, the coil might break down because of the nasty tank.

Vapers usually switch among several e-juice flavors to against vape tongue.

If you never clean the tank, the e-juices will linger in the slits and combine together day by day.

The mixed flavors in the tank not only ruin the taste of e-juice but gunk up the coil unexpectedly, because flavorings, sweeteners and the ratio of PG and VG are different from flavors and brands.

Vape with the old coil

Results: no vapor/ burnt taste/destroy the vape

New vapers forget to change their old coils until they find something is different from usual. The coil is not designed to last forever, it depends on the frequency that you vape with it.

Less vapor production, burnt taste and wear-off flavor, gurgling sound are the signs to change the coils.

The vape may be destroyed if you ‘force’ the old coil to work.


The above discusses the mistakes that newbies may do when vaping.

6 tips for your better vaping experience:

1./ Avoid chain vaping or puff forcefully.

2./ Choose e-juice with nicotine that suitable for the tank.

3./ Keep the tank upright.

4./ Place the vape in safe places, considering extreme temperatures and children.

5./ Clean the tank regularly.

6./ Replace the coil regularly.

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