6 Tips for Avoiding Burnt Taste with Aspire Vapes

By  Rae Aspire

On a Saturday morning, I whip out a vape and fire it. A burnt taste causes me to cough instantly, perhaps due to a dry hit. The coil is burnt and I have to dump it. The unbearable burnt taste comes from the ruined wick. Apart from natural decay, two things can swiftly end a coil’s life and burning the wick, 1, improper priming and 2, chain vaping. Generally speaking, they are closely connected with high power, dry wicks or wrong e-juice.

Although the coil will gradually degrade since it is not designed to for last forever, if my vape starts decreasing the amount of vapor produced and the taste is less intense with poor flavor, I know it’s the time to change my coil. While I still want to avoid a dry hit, and extend the lifespan of the coil and save money. Here are some tips that I summarized from research and experience.

1. Prime the coil

You should soak a fresh coil with e-liquid before using it for the first time, or it may be ruined at the first drag, this is so-called ‘priming of the coil’. Dripping a few drops of e-juice directly into the central hole of the coil and letting it sit for 5 minutes, means you can get the wick completely saturated. Or you can draw the e-liquid from tank into the cotton by puffing 4-5 times without firing. When doing this, don’t press the fire button and cover the airflow ports. Additionally, you’d better not over-saturate the coil, as you may cause flooding and spit-back. Leave enough time for the coil to absorb the e-juice, don’t rush.

2. Drop the habit of chain vaping

If you take hits continually, you are chain vaping. This action will burn the wick more easily, because the cotton is getting drier as you vape multiple times in quick succession. Merely stop vaping for around 30 seconds between each puff, and you can prevent the coil from burnout. This is because the break between two puffs allows the e-liquid to re-saturate the wick. You have to cease to vape when the flavor is diminishing, which suggests there is not enough e-juice in your coil.

Many ex-smokers who transferred to vaping have been used to taking many short hits as they used to do with cigarette. If you are one of them, and prefer heavier vaping, why not try an RDA (rebuild-able dripping atomizer)? It requires you to re-drip after several puffs without waiting a long time. However, I don’t recommend new vapers to use this advanced product, it’s safer for them to perhaps switch between two vape devices.

For advanced vapers, the ARC Coil (Aspire Radical Coil) is an ideal choice. It is a revolutionary coil invented by Aspire, which looks like the old-school stovetop coil but is matched with a sub-ohm tank. The Aspire Revvo Tank, which comes supplied with the ARC coil, it performs well in the longer coil life and has little chance to suffer from dry hits and burn.

3. Lower the wattage

When you vape at a high wattage, you vaporize more e-liquid with each puff. Lowering the wattage will reduce the current power, because a high temperature can cause the quick vaporization of e-liquid. You can start a new coil with a low wattage and increase the wattage gradually. If you vape almost 24/7, you can invest in an RDA as well.

As for people who tend to change the wattage and be able to see the actual figures, the Aspire Dynamo Kit has a large screen interface, where you can adjust the different output modes, data, system and time. You can vary the modes between Wattage, Voltage and Bypass. Furthermore, the coil installation is easier. You can replace the new coil by simply unscrewing and screwing the base hardware. The large wicking ports and new mesh coils reduce the likelihood of dry hits and the burnt taste. The Nepho Tank also has the new mesh coil and the tank can ‘breathe’ more efficiently, which makes it less likely to burn due to dry hits.

4. Use temperature control

High power settings usually leads to high temperature, and the e-juice will vaporize faster than the wicking speed.  The Temperature control (TC) function can save you from burning the coil. This feature normally comes with advanced devices, monitoring the atomizer for overheat and prevent firing the coil when it is dry.

Most vape devices in the market already have overheat protection of the battery, such as the Aspire vape series, they are famous for their safety features. The coil itself is also suitable for temperature control. The Cleito SS316L coil, not only improves the coil longevity and flavor, but also works on both ‘Temperature Control’ mode or Wattage mode. The colorful cuffs on the coil can dissipate heat and remind you which e-juice is in the tank. Cleito SS316L is particularly used in genuine Aspire Cleito Tanks, such as the Aspire Cleito 120 Pro, the Cleito 120, the Cleito EXO and so on, but it doesn’t fit in the other Aspire tanks.

5. Choose Right E-juice

The balance between the speed of wicking and the speed of vaporization is a significant factor to prevent the coil from burning out. Compared with VG, which is thicker, a higher level of PG in the E-liquid can saturate the wick more easily. Typically, changing your e-juice for the one with 50/50 mix of VG and PG can sometimes resolve this issue, or you can make sure VG is under 70%.

On the other hand, too much sweetener in the E-liquid can gunk up your coils. Sugar can caramelize in the coil and the wick will fail to absorb the new liquid. Coffee or dessert flavored e-juices have a higher sugar content, as do dark juices. The solution is to clean the wick by using water or alcohol, however, you can’t always get a thorough clean even if you try out the numerous methods. The most efficient way is to use an e-juice without much sweetener to avoid gunking up your coil.

6. Watch Your e-Juice and Top up your Tank

Not refilling the tank until the last drop of e-liquid is the quickest way to ruin the coil. This is because your wick is already nearly dry and there is not enough the e-juice to soak into the cotton, which again can cause dry hits and burnt taste. Plus, don’t leave your tank under a quarter full. If you notice the juice doesn’t cover the wicking holes in the side of coil, you should fill the tank as soon as possible. Normally, keeping it 50% full guarantees that the coil is in the best condition. To do this, you have to keep the tank topped up and covering the wicking holes on the side of the coil with the e-juice. Or some vapers rotate the tank so that the e-liquid soaks the wick, but this is less reliable since the wick may not be thoroughly saturated.

If you are as lazy as me, Aspire’s new and popular devices can fill the juice from the top without unscrewing the atomizer. The above mentioned products such as the Cleito Pro tank, the Revvo tank, and the Nepho tank etc, also consider other unmentioned but popular tanks such as Nautilus 2S and Tigon.

Now I believe that after reading this you will not again experience the miserable burnt taste that I did.

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