How to Avoid Spitback by: Aspire's Tina

Prime your Coil

Spitback means occasional sizzling e-liquid that can sometimes shoot into vapers’ mouths, usually accompanied by popping sounds.

The simple cause of spitback is e-juice getting pooled up on the coil and boiled instead of being vaporized, like when we are cooking, dropping oil to the hot pan.

Here are some tips to avoid spitback:

1. Please don’t flood your coils. Before installing a new coil to the tank, some users usually prime the coil, dripping some drops of e-juice onto the wicks. If you drip too much e-juice into the chamber of the coil, it can easily cause the coil to flood and spit.

2. Clean your tank often, including the chimney ,top hardware and mouth piece. In use, some condensation can build up inside the chimney or be collected at the top hardware or mouth piece of your tank. If the condensations find its way back down to your coil, it will also cause spitback. You can roll up tissue paper or use a Q-tip or cotton bud and insert it down into the chimney from the mouth piece, which will soak up the excess e-juice and condensation inside the coil.

3.Turn up your wattage. If the wattage is too low, the e-juice will not be vaporized on the coil as quickly as the wick is supplying it. Please try to increase your wattage according to the suggested wattage range given by the manufacturers.

4. Fire before inhaling. If your coil floods with e-juice, you can just hit the fire button for a few seconds before you start to inhale. When the popping sounds go away, then you can vape without fear of spitback.(When trying this method, please keep in mind that the vapor will be a little hot, because some heat has already built up inside the coil while you hit the fire button).

5. Use a higher VG e-juice. If you are using a sub ohm tank, the e-juice holes of the coil can be quite large, high PG e-juices are thinner,less viscous-and are more likely to flood the coil and cause leaking or spitback issues.

6. Inhale more gently. When you inhale too strongly will draw more e-juice into the coil and cause flooding. If your tank’s airflow is adjustable, please adjust the airflow to your favorite position and inhale gently.

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